Customise domain, logo & brand color

Manage the look and feel of your portal within minutes. Connect your domain, add your logo and select the colour palette to match your brand.

Make it truly your own with custom branding

Create an instantly recognisable space for your users by customising your platform with your own logos, images and colour scheme.

Why branding matters?

We know you and your organisation aren’t just anybody, and now the world does too. Therefore, it is important customise your domain so that your portal can build authority and be easily found online. Build a learning hub with a memorable address that you get to choose.

Your portal, your brand

Choose your own custom domain for your portal, creating a seamless user experience from your website.

Personalise your portal further by enabling emails to be sent from your own email records, to achieve a unified learning solution.

Want to learn more?

Speak to a friendly expert to see how we can help deliver your online plans with success.