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What is Learning Management System (LMS)?

What is an LMS? A learning management system (LMS)’s purpose is to empower Learning and Development (L&D) departments with training and development for their learners, so they can continue a company’s growth, success...

Empower Kids with Digital Access

Proper digital access is no game for children, it is a right that each and every country should guarantee, a UN watchdog said Wednesday. Images of children huddled in store parking lots to access the wifi needed for their online schoolwork have been common...

The Future of Learning & Teaching: Big Changes Ahead

As the world we live in changes to embrace tech futures, how and what we teach in our education system will also be reshaped to keep up to date with the growing demands of the 21st century.

Hong Kong Students Adapt to Online Learning Amid Class Suspension

Students in Hong Kong have been adapting smoothly to the online teaching some of the students including those taking physical education said that there is no difference from face to face class she is still able to learn.

Effective Online Learning Makes You a Better Professional

Social distancing and lockdowns have disrupted university study for the past 18 months. Students are understandably stressed as shown by dramatic drop in student satisfaction...

Top 10 Best Online Teaching Tools in 2021

Looking for the best teaching tools to get your school, class or workshop business up and running online? We have you covered in with our top 10 teaching tools for education this year.

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